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Got carpets that haven’t been washed in a long time? Need help with cleaning? Contact Wisshwash to avail fast service 24 hours. We serve at various locations in Jaipur. We don’t just clean; we help maintain the carpet life.

We restore the fibre while removing the stains that have been donning the carpet for a long time now. We even treat the bacteria and allergens that have been on your carpet for sometime now.

Our rapid services ensure you get maximum benefit from our cleaning technique with minimal investment. We provide doorstep services and we are quick. We have a six-step drycleaning process which includes vacuum, pre-treatment of the carpet, and application of the componds (quality and suited for your carpet), We also include drying and fibre restoration in the process. Our hand grooming of the carpet makes sure your carpet lives a decent and long life post the cleaning.

At the end of the cleaning service, you can expect no bad odor remains on the carpet, and you get a bright & clean carpet, which looks similar to the one you had bought off the market.

We guarantee complete satisfaction at the end of our services

Why choose us?

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Complete cleaning services
  • Doorstep services
  • Proven process
  • Flexible pricing models
  • Best cleaners on-board

How to book our service?.

  • Visit our app and book the carpet drycleaning service
  • Complete the form with your requirements
  • Book a time for the cleaning
  • We will be there!


We are on demand laundry company based out of Jaipur who are here to make your tedious laundry tasks, a happy and luxurious affair at prices that are light on your pockets like feathers. We take immense care and protection to make sure your beloved clothes are washed perfectly and ironed to perfection.


  • Schedule a wash

    You can schedule a pickup through our web and app

  • Meet Our Rider

    One of our riders picks up your clothes from your doorstep

  • We do our job

    On receipt of your clothes; we assign a tag to your clothes and send it for wash and iron

  • We care for your clothes

    We pack your clothes properly to ensure that they stay clean and crisp till they reach you.

  • Delivering Smiles

    Your fresh aromatic an ready to wear clothes are delivered at your doorstep